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Application form – Grant aid for training expenses relating to excellence in sport


Small grants are available from Alive West Norfolk to assist Juniors (under 18 as of 1st September of current school year) with talent to meet the costs involved in training/competing at county, regional or national level. Applicants must reside within the borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

Applicant details


Parent or Guardian details

Is your address the same as the applicant?

Activity details

Level of attainment

Details of representations in the previous 12 months

Competition representation 1

Details of achievements/honours i.e. county champion or seed

Achievement or honour 1

Club membership

Endorsement contact details

This form must be endorsed by a 'senior' club member (e.g. Chair of Club, Head Coach of Governing Body Training Squad) who is also not related to the applicant.


Only list those costs which are directly incurred with participation at county level or higher i.e. county squad training fees. Do not include normal club fees which have to be paid by all participants irrespective of the level of ability.
Are there additional expenses for

Competition expenses

Specific Training Fees expenses

Travelling expenses

Accommodation expenses

Clothing expenses

Equipment expenses

Affiliation Fees expenses

Other expenses


Applicants are required to declare income received within the last twelve months from grant aid or sponsorship in relation to the training expenses shown above.

Grant Aid



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