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  • Staying active at home

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Whilst we are all staying active at home during COVID19, it’s more important than ever we stay as active as possible.

Staying active and healthy is more important than ever right now. Any activity that gets your body moving is great your health and wellbeing.

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to stay active. Everyday activities such as doing the vacuuming, hanging out the washing, and mowing the lawn all count towards your daily activity levels.

Try to break up long periods of sitting by getting up and moving for a few minutes every hour. You could dance around your living room to your favourite music, or walk up and down the stairs.

There is no situation or health condition where exercise is not a good thing, and in some cases physical activity can be a miracle cure.

Our Alive team have created some online fitness class videos to help you get healthy at home.

Active at home

We have produced a number of Online Fitness Classes to follow along at home.

You can also check out these easy-to-follow workouts which are a great way to get active at home:

If you know anybody who would like exercise support but doesn’t have access to the internet – we have created a postcard which can be downloaded below:

Exercises for older people

At Alive we understand the important of being active at home no matter what your age and ability.

Active Norfolk have put together some resources to help older people and those with long-term health conditions stay active at home, which will help your physical health as well as boosting your mental wellbeing.

Try to aim for a mix of activities to improve strength and balance.

As with any kind of physical activity, start slowly and gradually build up the time and intensity of your workouts, and don’t forget to warm up and cool down!

Further resources

Active Kids at Home

Keeping children active and healthy at home is super important right now. Whilst exercise is important it also has to be fun. Everyday household activities can count towards your child’s daily activities, things like getting them to make their bed everyday as quick as they can, and playing fun tidy up races, not only make chores fun but get your little ones moving.

Why not dust off the board game twister, or have garden races, or a themed sports day, with egg and spoon races! There are also some great online workouts especially for children, which you and you family could all have a go at.

Active Apps

Activity Trackers

Fitness Apps

iPrescribe Exercise is a free, evidence-based app which analyses your health, current fitness level, disease status and resting heart rate, and produces a personalised 12-week physical activity plan that is tailored to your needs and will transform your life.

The Sworkit Workouts and Fitness Plans system is for people new to fitness, who want to supplement their current fitness habits, or who are just too busy to make it to the gym – whether you’re a new mum getting back in shape, a dad no longer digging that “dad-bod”, a traveller needing fitness on the road, or a busy professional who just needs an easy way to get in great shape.

Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight.

Fitocracy motivates you and helps you succeed at fitness and level up in real life. We make exercise fun! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be.

FiiT is offering a 30-day free trial and 25% off their app, which has more than 600 varied workouts and training plans – from entry level to advanced. You can also connect with friends in the UK’s only live leaderboard high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes.

Further resources

There is lots of great content available online to keep you feeling healthy and well whilst you are at home.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement is a brand new Sport England campaign funded by the National Lottery, giving you the advice and support you may need during Corona Virus. Visit their website to find a great selection of online platforms and fitness content.

Active Norfolk

Active Norfolk has lots of helpful advice and support for businesses, and some great information on mental wellbeing during this difficult time. Visit their website to try out some mindful breathing exercises, and read hints and tips on mindfulness from the NHS.

Les Mills on Demand

Les Mills on Demand is offering a 30-day free trial.

Experience unlimited access to the platform with more than 800 workouts that are taught in 21,000 gyms around the world – sessions ranging from 15-55 minutes.

You can also get the whole family active with their Born To Move, kids programming.

Further workout videos

If you want more workout videos, you can also try:


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